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18 June June 22nd: Coetzee, Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003, closes the Festival
As the Royal Swedish Academy wrote "Coetzee is a scrupulous doubter, ruthless in his criticism of the cruel rationalism and cosmetic morality of western civilisation. His intellectual honesty erodes all basis of consolation and distances itself from the tawdry drama of remorse and confession... It is in exploring weakness and defeat that Coetzee captures the divine spark in man".
The actress this evening is Laura Morante. Musical accompaniment by Orchestra di Roma e del Lazio.
16 June June 17th: Carlos Fuentes and Guillermo Arriaga
Fuentes is a veteran, politically and socially committed, who has used his work to create historical frescoes and social investigations with a style ranging from realism to experimental. Arriaga instead is a last generation novelist, the author of intimate and painful stories, but also the scriptwriter of successful films such as Amore perros and 21 grams.
The two actors are Michele Placido and Fabrizio Gifuni. Musical accompaniment by Nicola Piovani with Zsuzsanna Krasznai.
11 June June 15th: Azar Nafisi and Jhumpa Lahiri
In her book Reading Lolita in Teheran, Nafisi, an Iranian exiled in the United States, expresses a concept of literature as an experience of freedom, as a key for escape and subversion and as the key for interpreting reality. The subject of exile dominates work by Lahiri, who is English but of Bengali origin: her characters are forever in search of an identity and a belonging.
Readings respectively by Anna Bonaiuto and Ottavia Piccolo. Musical accompaniment with Riccardo Biseo at the piano; singer Amalia Grè.
9 June June 10th: the Festival welcomes Melania Mazzucco
Melania Mazzucco is the author of both fiction and novels inspired to characters that have really existed. Her Vita has won the 2003 Premio Strega. The actress this evening is Margherita Buy. Music with Luis Bacalov at the piano.
4 June June 8th: the evening is dedicated to Niccolò Ammaniti
The writer, who has just achieved great success with the book I am not afraid, over a short period of time has published stories ranging from pulp stories to realist and formative novels, while also successfully working for the cinema. The actress this evening is Lorenza Indovina. Music by Ezio Bosso with the Quartetto d'Archi di Torino.
3 June The evening will be held at the Eliseo Theatre
Considering the weather conditions, the evening will be held at the Eliseo Theatre.
3 June Festival delle Letterature welcomes Banana Yoshimoto
This evening is devoted to Banana Yoshimoto, an extremely popular international author greatly loved also in Italy. Her books move delicately between waking and sleeping, speaking of an intimate contact with the external world, often describing nature as the vehicle for emotions. Reading by Michela Cescon. Music performed by Eddy Palermo at the guitar and Nicola Stilo at the piano and at the flute.
1 June The evening will certainly be held at the Basilica of Massenzio
In spite of the uncertain weather conditions the evening will certainly be held at the Basilica of Massenzio.
1 June 1st June: the Festival welcomes Colson Whitehead and Abbasse Ndione
The evening will open with New Yorker Colson Whitehead, a teller of metropolitan tales, moving from the metaphysical thriller to novels with historical hues, depicting the absurdity of postmodernism with an impressionist style. Our actress tonight is Valeria Golino. Abbasse Ndione, from Senegal, has made literature a probe for his country's social issues and the lives of the young who live there. Readings by Licia Maglietta. Rocco De Rosa at the piano.
27 May 28th May: the Festival welcomes Agota Kristof and Jean Marie Gustave Le Clézio..
Work by Kristof, a Hungarian in exile and Swiss by adoption, is a return to painful memories of oppression in communist Eastern Europe; Sergio Rubini reads.
Our other exceptional guest for this evening is Le Clézio, French by birth but living in many parts of the world, he has made travel the primary object of his writing, a source of discovery and of new horizons.
The actress this evening is Giuliana Lojodice. Andrea Pozza at the jazz piano.
25 May 26th of May: the evening is dedicated to Franzen
This evening is dedicated to Jonathan Franzen, a young American author capable of narrating reality both through astounding plots and through the fragile filter of inner anxieties and needs.
The actress this evening is Galatea Ranzi. Readings will be accompanied by Stefano Di Battista at the saxophone and Davide Rosciglione at the double bass.
20 May 21st of May: Antonio Tabucchi, opens the Festival
One of the most representative voices in European literature, Antonio Tabucchi, opens the Festival. His narrative is both the profoundest expression of imagination and inner thoughts and the place of civil and intellectual commitment.
The actor is Remo Girone. Musical accompaniment: Ennio Morricone and Roma Sinfonietta.

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