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   Jonathan Franzen
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Jonathan Franzen was born in Chicago in 1959 and grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis in Missouri. He graduated in German Studies at Swarthmore College and in 1981 studied German Literature at the Faie University in Berlin. The following year he returned to the United States and settled in Samerville, Massachusetts. While he devoted himself to refining his literary style, he worked in a seismology laboratory in the Harvard University Science Department.
In 1987 he moved to New York and started to work for important magazines such as "The New Yorker" and "Harper's". The following year he published his first novel, The twenty-seventh city, instantly achieving great success with both critics and readers. This success was repeated with his second book, Strong Motion, like the first based on an intricate and elaborate plot.
In the meantime his separation from his wife and his parents' health problems marked him, also influencing his style. In his third novel, The Corrections, he renounced the sensational story-lines used in previous books to portray the world through the filter of inwardness. With The Corrections Franzen won the 2001 National Book Award and joined the list of the twenty one best American writers chosen by "The New Yorker".
In 2002 How to Be Alone was published, a collection of essays based as Franzen says on "the problem of preserving individuality and complexity in the midst of the din and distractions of mass culture: the question of how to be alone".
In Italy Franzen's books, which have been translated into many languages, are published by Einaudi.
Thoughts and comments about the author:

"There is no doubt: Jonathan Franzen is one of the most extraordinary authors around".

"Franzen has courage... [and] he is an author with abundant energy".
"The Washington Post"

Comments about The Corrections:

"Jonathan Franzen has created a formidable novel using the immensely rich material that surfaces from the conscience of a marriage, a family, a culture, ours. And he has done this with participation and exuberance, subjecting his caustic modern temperament to a broad and generous outlook".
Don DeLillo

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