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   Agota Kristof
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Born in Scicvąud in Hungary in 1935, Agota Kristof clandestinely abandoned her country in 1956.
She took refuge in Neuchatel, in French speaking Switzerland, where she worked in a watch factory: "It was a totally alienating job", she was to say at the end of this experience which had lasted five years.
She started writing when she was still very young, first in Hungarian and then in French, starting with texts for the theatre.
In 1987 she published her first novel, entitled Le grand Chaier, followed by Le previe (1988), and Troisičme menzogne (1991), which have all been translated into Italian as a trilogy entitled La trilogia della cittą di K (Einaudi 1998).
These three short novels which have made her famous all over the world, are written in her austere and ruthless style describing Eastern Europe's dark and threatening scenarios, poised between war and peace: "It hasn't been easy to allow unpleasant memories of the past to emerge. I cannot reread my own books, it's too painful, perhaps because I am too similar to my writing: dry, negative, and without hope".
Her last novel Hier, Yesterday (1995), has been made into film entitled Brucio nel Vento (2001) directed by Silvio Soldini.
Thoughts and comments about the author:

"perfect prose, unnatural aridity, prose with the gait of a homicidal puppet".
Giorgio Manganelli

"a Gothic fairytale in which everything is rendered fast and bare by the limpid and dry prose that leaves no room for digressions".
Rosetta Loy

"Kristof's greatness lays in this radicalism, as she observes and explains the world through the eyes and the words of a child, but those of a wicked child".
Sandra Petrignani, "Panorama"
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.Sergio Rubini
.Andrea Pozza