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   Abasse Ndione
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Abasse Ndione was born in 1946 in Bergny, Senegal, a small fishing village situated about thirty kilometres from Dakar. He showed a great passion for writing at a very young age, as well as an intense sensitivity regards to the problems faced by young generations in his country. During the Seventies he became the president of an association responsible for protecting the young in the villages surrounding Dakar.
He later worked for many years as a nurse in the Dakar hospital, until he chose to devote himself exclusively to writing. Between 1984 and 1988 the book thanks to which Ndione achieved fame, La vie en Spiral, was published in two volumes.
The main themes addressed by the book, as gripping as a detective novel, describe in detail a cross-section of juvenile life in the African province. After overcoming critics' opposition, in 1985 the Senegalese author was conferred the prestigious Léopold Sédar Senghor Award and his book became part of the official syllabus in secondary schools and universities. In 1998 Gallimard published the novel in France opening the path to international success for Abasse Ndione. His second novel, Ramata (2000), a sort of modern African Madame Bovary, followed the realistic tones of his first book, providing the magical portrayal of an African woman. His books, now translated into many languages, are both published in Italy by Edizioni e/o.
Thoughts and comments about the author:

"In Senegal La Vie en Spiral is a legend: in Dakar, if there is only one book people have read in the course of their lives, then it is almost always this one. On such an intense subject, when only crime pays, Ndione has created a realistically amusing novel.
Hèlène Lee - "Libération"
.June 1st
.Licia Maglietta
.Rocco De Rosa