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   Banana Yoshimoto
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Mahoko Yoshimoto was born in Tokyo in 1964. The daughter of the famous essayist and critic Ryumei Yoshimoto, she grew up amidst a love for Japanese traditions, to which she continuously pays homage in her novels: "the garden is the point from which my feelings start, the eternally immutable space in which I discover the extent of things" (Honeymoon).
When she was twenty two she graduated in Literature, presenting for her thesis the short story Moonlight shadow, immediately acknowledged as the best work in the competition for young novice writers.
She worked as waitress in a club in Tokyo and, in her free time she found the time to write her first novel with which she made her debut in 1987: Kitchen.
She adores the red and fleshy banana tree flowers which inspired the pseudonym that would make her famous and well-known all over the world: Banana.
With this first book, Banana very quickly established herself as one of Japan's most representative authors.
The approval of the critics provided her with many literary awards and she conquered the international scene with her book Kitchen, translated into over twenty languages.
When her first work appeared in Italy in 1991, Banana was an instant success.
With her later novels she conquered many readers and established an increasingly intense dialogue with her audience.
Her fresh and direct style, the subjects she writes about, such as love, friendship, death and loneliness, have made each of her books a literary event.
Having won numerous awards in Japan, in November 1999 in Italy she was presented with the Maschera d' Argento Award.
Her books, all published by Feltrinelli in Italy, are: Kitchen (1991), N.P. (1992), Asleep (1994), Tsugumi (1994), Lizard (1995), Amrita (1997), Sly (1998), Hachiko's last lover (1999), Honeymoon (2000), H.H. (2001), The small shadow (2002), The Sad Omen (2003).
In addition to her novels Banana Yoshimoto is also the author of a number of essays, among them it is well worth remembering Songs From Banana Note (1991), and Yume ni Tsuite (1994).
"I write novels because there was always something I wanted to say, and at all costs I want to continue until I have really had enough".
Banana Yoshimoto - Postscriptum, Kitchen
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