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   Melania Mazzucco
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The author was born in 1966 in Rome where she lives and works.
She graduated in Humanities from La Sapienza University in Rome and then in Cinematography at Rome's Experimental Centre.
Melania Mazzucco has always loved travelling. Her work as a writer has often resulted in her spending long periods of the year abroad.
Her vocation for writing has always been very clear to her. She has said about herself: "I always wanted to be a writer. I have breathed literature since I was a child. My mother Andreina devoured an extraordinary quantity of books, and my father Ruberto has a passion for the theatre".
She made her debut with the novel Il bacio della medusa (Baldini and Castoldi, 1996) a finalist at the Premio Strega and at the Premio Viareggio. In 1998 she published her second novel, La camera di Baltus (Baldini and Castoldi), once again a finalist at the Premio Strega. In the year 2000 came Lei cosģ amata (Rizzoli) which among other awards also won the Premio Napoli 2000 and the Premio Vittorini. In 2003 again for Rizzoli she published, Vita, a picaresque and wonderful novel telling the story of Italian emigration at the beginning of the 20th century. It was with this book that the author won the Premio Strega, and also met great success with both critics and readers.
Nowadays Melania Mazzucco also writes for the cinema, the theatre and the radio. One production she is particularly fond of is Dhulan, the radio-drama with which she won the Prix Italia for the best European text for 2001.
She also writes articles and travel reportages for "La Repubblica", "Il Sole 24 ore" and "Io donna", the magazine published by "Il Corriere della Sera".
Vita is to be translated and published in eight countries.
Thoughts and comments about the author:

"No battles are lost so long as there are still books like those written by Melania Mazzucco"
Ponc Puigdevall, "El paģs"

"Melania Mazzucco is like a hurricane dragging us into other ages and other dimensions with an incredible and total command of language"

"Melania Mazzucco would have once been described as: born to tell stories".
Walter Pedullą, "Il Messagero"

"Melania Mazzucco's excellent and pure pages are the mark of her great narrative capabilities"
Giorgio Barberi-Squarotti, "Tuttolibri - La Stampa"
.June 10th
.Margherita Buy
.Luis Bacalov