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   Guillermo Arriaga
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Guillermo Arriaga was born in 1958 in Mexico City, in a very violent lower-middleclass district. When he was thirteen years old he lost his sense of smell due to the blows he had received, however many years later he maintained that the street, rather like his great passion for shooting, had been a source of life and experiences for him.
As a youngster he did not read novels but encyclopaedias and history books. In secondary school he studied the theatre and later approached literature, dazzled by Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. He started to write to compensate his shyness and insecurity, and during the years he spent at university, when he was diagnosed as suffering from a serious cardiac problem that led him to fear for his life, he intensified his activity hoping to write something that would survive him.
In addition to writing he also worked as a professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana de México, an appointment he held for twenty years. He described himself as a "hunter who writes" and maintains that he writes books just like those who throw into the sea messages in bottles "in the rare hope that they will reach someone". In 1991 he published Escuadron Guillotina. Three years later he wrote Un ducle olor a muerte and in 2000 the novel El bufalo de la noche (soon to be on sale in Italy published by Fazi Editore) and the collection of short stories entitled Retorno 201. About his own work he has said: "I believe that a novelist's duty is to regain a sense of death to pay homage to life".
He also says that it was as an 'author' and not as a 'scriptwriter' that he approached the world of movies, and it was his work in this field that brought him international fame. He received acknowledgments from critics for his cooperation with film director Alejandro Gonzaléz Iñarritu for whom he wrote Amores Perros (2000) which won the International Critic's Week Grand Prix at the Cannes Film festival in 2000, and 21 Grams (2003), starring Oscar winners Benicio del Toro and Sean Penn, which won the British Award for the best screenplay.
Guillermo Arriaga is also a director of documentaries and short films and produces radio and television programs.
His work as an author has been appreciated for the effectiveness of the dialogues, for his use of narrative structures and the complexity of the plots and the characters. The constant subjects of his books are human contradictions, life's power, the strength of love and the constant presence of death.
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